Our Family Story

1916: The Midnight Baker

Salvatore Piantedosi, an immigrant from Avellino, Italy, founded the Piantedosi Baking Co., Inc., in 1916 in Massachusetts. Known as the “Midnight Baker” for delivering breads and pasta, anytime day or night, he and his wife Mary worked tirelessly to build an enduring family business, committed to honesty, hard work and a passion for bread. Salvatore was a man who possessed an extraordinary ability to transform dreams into reality.

1930’s: A Commitment to Quality & Tradition

The original bakery was built on Main Street in Everett, Massachusetts, next door to the family’s home. Often Salvatore and Mary would invite the employees, customers, and vendors over for dinner- creating a true “family”. This tradition, of course, has always been a core philosophy of the company. Soon Salvatore and Mary’s sons, Carmine, Joseph and John worked alongside their parents before and after school, learning the business from the ground up. They exuded the same passion and skills of their parents, embracing the commitment to quality and service.

1950’s: New England’s Most Modern and Finest Bakery

Time passed, the second generation assumed full time positions within the company and pastries were introduced to the product line. By the mid-1950s, the city of Everett was undergoing urban renewal and the company was forced to relocate. Although reluctant to do so, the move proved to be a blessing in disguise. The bakery moved down the street, while expanding into a larger, more modern facility. “New England’s Most Modern and Finest Bakery” was born! Rising to the challenge, the “Midnight Baker’s” reputation became legendary. Customers came from miles around, lining up outside for Piantedosi’s fresh pastries and breads. Maintaining the tradition of commitment to quality and service through transition became the hallmark of the Piantedosi Baking Company.

1970’s: It’s all about the bread

As times changed, business continued to flourish, but not ‘across the shelves’. The second generation noted a decline in pastry sales yet fresh bread sales increased. They realized that in order to ensure quality and demand of one line another would have to go. Development for the future became and continues to be the cultivation of the company’s number one best seller; fresh bread products. During the late 1970’s, a bigger facility became essential for the overall growth and success of the company. In an effort to expand, the company transitioned from its original location in Everett and found a new home at a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Malden. Piantedosi Baking Company, Inc. soon became a household family name and a New England staple throughout the restaurant industry. It was in this era that the third generation of Piantedosis assumed control of the business, perpetuating the dreams and standards of their fathers.

1980’s-1990’s: Frozen Foods Division

The emergence and demand for frozen foods became part of the American lifestyle in the 1980’s; so once again, Piantedosi’s third generation owners created a niche in this market. They worked tirelessly to introduce the Piantedosi name across the country and have managed to build a national name in the vast, competitive, food service industry. National recognition meant soaring demand. Thus, in order to keep up with the competition and this new found but challenging demand, additional space and experience were needed. In 1995, Piantedosi’s “Specialty Division” was opened. This state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot facility focused on the par-baked (partially baked) products, which have become a necessity in the bread industry. The Specialty Division also houses Piantedosi’s Research & Development Department, which is now where new products, ideas and dreams are “born”.

"2000-2010: The Future is Now"

Change was driven by advanced technology and an awareness of becoming more “eco-friendly” in this decade. As savvy business owners, the leadership of Piantedosi Baking Company recognized the need for change. Numerous initiatives were taken to move towards environmental preservation through energy conservation, reduced air emissions and water resource accountability. The company capitalized on the horizon of new business tools and applications that are now available. Advanced technologies, lead by automated equipment controls in process lines, were utilized to pave the way for the future, while ensuring traditional product quality. Multiple efforts and initiatives were implemented to preserve the company as a sustainable entity.

2016: 100 years & Growing Strong

Today, Piantedosi offers its customers “big company” capabilities and innovations with “small company” attention and loyalty! Its’ dignified heritage has been preserved over the years, allowing each new generation an opportunity to develop new dreams, leaving their own mark on a company that values hard work and customer service.  2016 celebrates the centennial anniversary for Piantedosi Baking Company – a history and legacy of which Salvatore and Mary would most be certainly proud!  To commemorate this occasion, the family plans to celebrate their milestone by devoting the entire year to honoring their dedicated employees, valued partners and loyal customers.

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