Why Piantedosi

Piantedosi Baking Company, Inc. is a fourth generation, family-owned bakery built on commitment to quality and service. Since 1916, the Piantedosi Family has worked passionately to ensure satisfaction at every level. The reputation of the company is unmatched by any other for its superior quality of fresh and frozen bread products and its dedication to customer wants and needs.

From local pizza shops to national chain restaurants to 5-star dining – Piantedosi Baking Company is ready to serve with respect and professionalism. Our company has hired both qualified and creative professionals of the baking industry to run its production, quality assurance and research & development departments. Whether you are interested in having a custom-made item done for you or just looking for the “best bread in town”, you will find that our Piantedosi production staff and employees are always eager and willing to take that extra step.

All Piantedosi products are made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Our professional quality control department ensures that as the company’s product lines and customer base grow, the product quality will remain superior.

We at Piantedosi Baking Company, offer our customers “big company” capabilities and innovations with “small company” service, attention and dependability. There is only one Piantedosi Baking Company….and we strive to “rise” above the rest!

Piantedosi Baking Company


Customer Service Hours

May 6th - October 6th

Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 8am - 3pm

Shipping Hours

Monday - Friday 8am-3pm

Malden Outlet Store Hours

Monday - Friday 7am-6pm
Saturday 7am-4pm
We are closed on Sunday

Piantedosi Baking Company, Inc.
240 Commercial Street
Malden, MA 02148-6780
Toll Free: (800)339-0080
Phone: (781)321-3400
Fax: (781)324-5647
Email: info@piantedosi.com

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